Welcome to the 1-214th Aviator Inprocessing Page

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We'd like to make this transition as smooth as possible for you.  Therefore, We've made a page that will assist you along the way.  This page is primarily for Pilots and those that are on flight status.
1. Here are some resources you'll find handy for inprocessing Wiesbaden: Click here

    -Here's some resources for moving.  Click here

    -Be sure to update your DoD Milconnect here

2. Here are the company phone rosters (obtain username and password from Sponsor): A Co (RW) /  E Co (FW) / C Co (RW MEDEVAC)

3. You'll also need some accounts and access:

    -First ensure your DoD Cyber Awareness is up to date here..  You can use this Network Access Guide to answer any questions here.

    -Get Computer Account and Sharedrive access- See S6 downstairs in Bldg 1002 or email them here

    -Get added to the Battalion Schedule here (this is the crew schedule where you'll see your flights and track your leave, pass, etc.)

    -Get access to the Flight Scheduling Application (FSA) here (this is where all flights are tasked and tracked)

    -Get access to NGA here.  There are a lot of tools to include all FLIPs online.  Use someone in your office as Supervisor and Security POC.

    -Get access to OPARS here. This is a route analysis tool that will give you accurate time and fuel requirements.

    -Get access to JET here.  This is the AF weather brief request tool.

    -Get access to JEPP here.  This is Jeppesen and has much more detailed airport analysis than DoD FLIPs.

    -Get access to APACS here.  RW ask for access to A214fltops Aircraft Request Group/FW ask for E Co 1-214th GSAB Aircraft Request Group.

    -BN Ops - follow APACS directions above. Get both accounts. Use (lastnameRW/lastnameFW) as usernames. Enable CAC.

   First account lowercase email, second account uppercase email. Send email to helpdesk linking usernames to appropriate group account

4. Publications

    -Your company will likely have hard copies for you, but we're now using iPads to supplement and facilitate your hardcopy training

    - See if you're eligible to sign out and maintain an iPad here

    *To setup the GoodReader pubs on your iPad click here.  Get the username and password from your Sponsor.  Get NGA & Jepps on iPad here.

5. Flight Records

    -You can turn in your flight records to E Co Hangar 1036 (FW) - map or Battalion Flight Operations (RW) - map.

6. To get a general idea of how things work here for flights, click here. You'll need the same username and password you got from your Sponsor.

7. Learn about the airspace and flight rules for Europe here. This is called AOC and is required academics prior to flying.

8. Fill out the Standardization Aviator Questionnaire here and send to A Co (RW), E Co (FW) , or C Co (RW MEDEVAC).

9. Here's how a normal flight will go (note: Start by seeing your SP):

    - Open www.fly214avn.com .  You will see "Open Portal" in the middle of the screen below the Apple logo.  Follow the instructions and open the Portal

    - In the center of the Portal is "BOC" (Battalion Operations Center).  Mouse over this and you'll see most the places you'll go for a flight.

    - Start with the Bn Schedule to see if you're on a flight (note that there is a RW and FW tab)

    -Your flight will be indicated by 3 numbers in a block across from your name.  That's the flight number from FSA!

    -Open the "Bn Mission Folder" and go to Current RW or FW Missions or Scheduled Rotators.  You'll find all of your files there along with a Pilot Planning Checklist

    -Follow the checklist, it's your key to success.  You can go here for the online version that will link to all of the sites and resources you'll need

    - Training flights are planned, tracked, and launched by the companies

    -The BOC will plan your missions (Pilot responsibilities are delineated on the checklist link above)

    -Update your Reading File (under Consolidated Ops)

    -You'll sign for and turn in your equipment for each flight at the company and do your Risk Assessment online

    - If on a mission, you'll use AFOD (Army Flight Operations Department) for flight plan changes and updates as well as arrivals (+49 611 705 2300)

    -Any mission changes go through CASO (+49 611 143537 3737)

    -Battalion Operations Center will handle all of your changes and issues during your flight that CASO, AFOD, and your Company can't. (+49 611143 546 8017)

    -After you return from your flight, you'll turn in your equipment and receipts, complete the Post Mission Report (under BOC) and do Fighter Management